Dan Bochichio is a web developer with nearly twenty years of experience designing and developing websites.

About Dan Bochichio

I started using the Internet in the early days, when BBS and MUDs were extremely popular. I like to say that I didn't grow up with the Internet, but that the Internet grew up with me.

In 1997, I started to dabble with web design while playing a few online games. Little did I know, I'd be doing the same thing (and loving it) nearly two decades later!

Today, I work with small businesses in and around Albany, New York. Over the past decade I've handled fulfillment for several web design and Advertising agencies in upstate NY. I am a top rated seller on Fiverr which allows me to work dozens of businesses every week which keeps my skills sharp and constantly developing.

When I'm not busy "building the Internet", I'm usually enjoying the great outdoors.

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Dan Bochichio

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I still offer web development and consulting, along with several other services. You can learn more about what services I have to offer by visiting Bocain Design. Bocain Designs was founded in 2014 by two super talented web designers with over 30 years of collective experience.

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